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Space Wars is a free browser game. You don't have to install it on your computer and everything needed is already available, if you can access this page.

In this game you have to build your own civilization in space and protect it against others. You have Colonies, Spaceships and Spacestations and a big map you explore. As well there is the possibility of role play. If you want to, you can join an alliance with your friends and help each other to get even better. You can trade or just raid, you can protect or attack, you can be the friend of everybody or the fear of everybody.

It's all your choice!
Changelog - 2020-08-20 09:23:182020-08-20T09:23:18+01:00Space Wars
I am still working on improving the combat in the game. After getting the new powerplant, the new management for defenses and energy, and some major improvements to the turn and the maintenance script implemented, I will next focus on sensors and movement of objects.

The following changes and fixes were implemented in this release:
- Do not assign an ID to every entry in the cargo bay (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#198)
- Change how the sensors of objects are handled (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#30, SpaceWars/SpaceWars#31, SpaceWars/SpaceWars#192 SpaceWars/SpaceWars#212)
- Create new subsystem to handle the objects engines and movement (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#159, SpaceWars/SpaceWars#211)
- Clean up old code (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#213)
- Use proper methods when producing and consuming goods during turn
- Fixed a minor error in the map job
- Large sensor grids now load a lot faster (up to 10x improvement)
- Fixed issue with charging and discharging reserve batteries
- Maintenance will now handle the recalculcation based on blueprints

Further, to keep the changelogs happening, I will keep them English. It is easier than maintaining two different languages for basically the same.
Changelog - 2020-07-12 19:49:282020-07-12T19:49:28+01:00Space Wars
Changelog - 2020-06-28 21:12:222020-06-28T21:12:22+01:00Space Wars
Changelog - 2020-06-27 14:20:262020-06-27T14:20:26+01:00Space Wars
Changelog - 2020-06-22 09:28:212020-06-22T09:28:21+01:00Space Wars

Release: 0.47.0

Following changes have happened in this version:
- Implemented Test-Flag so users aren't annoyed by deployments (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#172)
- Added buttons to reload the page of a colony, ship, or station (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#171)
- More pagination in different menus (SpaceWars/viking-engine#17)
- Changed how the command structure on Maindesk is displayed
- Last actions of the user will now be displayed on Maindesk (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#45)
- Inventory is now managed centrally (SpaceWars/DARWS#4)
- Other settlers colonies cannot be colonised anymore (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#174)
- Added graphic for the building Wheat Farm (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#170)
- Fixed an error in building construction¨
- Demolishing buildings will give back 50% of the goods (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#161)
- Fixed an error when displaying buildings under construction (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#161)
- Rewritten shipyard from ground up (SpaceWars/SpaceWars#161)
- Started complete restyling
- Cleaned up code